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Life Lessons

A Personal Development Workbook for Today’s Caribbean Students  – Grades 7, 8 & 9 (3 books)

ABOUT Life Lessons PD Workbooks

These Workbooks are non-threatening and non-intrusive yet effective tools used in raising red flags in students struggling with psychological and emotional issues. This is apart from providing support for students’ development of healthy and productive life  skills.

Feedback from Guidance Counsellors already using the Life Lessons Workbooks, indicate that “these Workbooks are effective resources  for schools and Guidance Counsellors in helping to address the growing number of students who are in greater need of  psychological support – intervention and management”.

Publications features

Reviewed and Approved (for Booklists) by the Ministry of Education for Guidance & Counselling on the MOE Supplementary Secondary Textbook List (Grades 7,8, & 9).
Endorsed by the Jamaica Association of Guidance Counsellors in Education (J.A.G.C.E.).
Authored by an experienced Psychotherapist, Teacher, and Guidance Counsellor, who counselled children at Victim Support Unit and Places of Safety, and conducted research on Youth response to remedial counselling at four of Jamaica’s major prisons. Additional research on Teenage Pregnancy in Jamaica.
Already being effectively used by High Schools in Jamaica


Dr. Karen McGibbon, Ph.D., LPC, NCC.

Karen Harris McGibbon is an Assistant Professor of Clinical Counselling, Practicum &  Internship Coordinator at Winebrenner Theological Seminary in Findlay, Ohio.


She holds a BSc in Marine Biology (University of the West Indies), a Master’s Degree  in Pastoral Psychology and Counseling (St. Stephen’s College – Canada), a Ph.D. in  Counselor Education & Supervision (Regent University – USA). She is a Certified Life  Coach (International Institute of Coaching Studies), a Licensed Professional  Counselor (Ja & Ohio), and a National Certified Counselor (USA). She is 2020/2021 President of the Northwest Ohio Counseling Association.

In addition to being a successful entrepreneur, Karen spent over 12 years teaching in various prominent high schools in  Jamaica, was a Guidance Counselor and Head of Guidance for 5 years and has successfully operated a private practice  since 2011. She also served as an adjunct lecturer at the Mico University College and the Caribbean Graduate School of  Theology in Jamaica and as a Graduate Teaching Assistant in both the Master’s and Doctoral Counseling programs at Regent University (USA).

Karen is the author of three workbooks – “Life Lessons, A Personal Development Workbook for Secondary School  Students” for Grades 7, 8 & 9 currently being used in High Schools all over Jamaica.

Karen is happily married to Frank and has two wonderful children; Dane – 25 years and Mercedes – 21 years. She loves to  enjoy life particularly while cooking, reading, sewing, playing the piano, cycling and playing racquetball.


Jamaica Association of Guidance Counsellors in Education (J.A.G.C.E.) endorses…. “These workbooks are meant to assist students in working through issues in a structured manner. The workbooks are student-centred and curriculum-based, and engage the students in a non-intrusive and nonthreatening manner. They are effective tools to learn more about our students and identify red flags that may not have been raised in their typical behavioural patterns.”
Kayson Jones,
President JAGCE September 2014
In general, the series provides a fairly high level of support for students’ development of healthy and productive life skills. It promotes a healthy respect for self and for others: both peers and those in authority, while providing practical strategies and useful information for use in facing today’s challenges.
Core Curriculum Unit
Ministry of Education, Ja. January 2013

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