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SURVIVING COVID-19: Entrepreneurs, take the opportunities!

Respect to all the Entrepreneurs who show-up, load-up, and keep grinding everyday…even when the Covid-19 pandemic continues to challenge our very existence.

From small startups to large corporations, no one has been spared the wrath of the Covid-19. pandemic over the past year. How do we as business people respond? There’s a saying, “There is never an ill wind which blows no good”….which means even in the midst of turmoil there are opportunities to be grasped.

Be willing to adapt to new ways…new mindset…ask for and accept help if necessary.

Covid-19 has flipped a switch (that might not flip back)…pushed many more persons, communities and businesses online and adjusted our social order….it had already started but now a significant shift:

  • more grandparents are logging on to see their grandchildren
  • more virtual churches services
  • more online classes kinder-university
  • more virtual conferences (of all sort)
  • more virtual concerts and culture tours
  • more virtual sales teams
  • more business meetings online

Airbnb’s CEO says business travel won’t ever go back to what it was pre-pandemic..“the business trip that could have been a video call” is the new “meeting that could have been an email.”

Post-covid-19 impact

The World Economic Forum says that digital delivery (solutions) will features large in the covid-19 post-pandemic era.

Online meetings and work-from-home will likely impact the sales of petrol and work apparel, at a minimum. Commercial real estate will likely be negatively affected, but residential and virtual-office options are ripe.

Grocery pickup or delivery may very well keep a permanent uptick. Some restaurants have stopped printing menus and instead posting menu barcodes on their doors or on the tables, with curbside and other delivery options added.

Ask for and accept help if required. Make the changes necessary and give yourself a fighting chance. My final questions for you. What changes have you made in your business since the Covid-19 pandemic? And which are are planning on keeping?

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Franklin McGibbon (@Biznivist) — Business Activist, Mentor, and Coach for MSMEs (Micro, Small & Medium Enterprises); CEO of Linkar Education; Publisher; Speaker.

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